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Staff Profile - Dale Lavender

NOVA Employment Consultant

t NOVA St Marys, we pride ourselves on excellent post-placement support. This means that we help our job seekers realise their own strengths and interests, guide them to become job ready, find them work in an industry of their own choice and support them at work until theyíre comfortable working independently. As an Employment Consultant, Iíve created lots of opportunities for our jobseekers through visiting businesses and cold calling on the telephone. It pays to be really upfront with potential employers. I tell them Iíve got a job seeker with a disability and Iím looking for work for them. It helps that I have great relationships with employers that already have a NOVA client in their workplace. Iím in constant contact with employers, always letting them know about the skills and enthusiasm of NOVAís job seekers. As part of our individualised post-placement support for clients, we also provide specific support for their employers and other staff. This makes for an extremely smooth transition to work. When working with our job seekers, I build relationships early and make sure we both understand what weíre here to do: to get them into meaningful, satisfying paid work. Years ago, I got into the employment sector by being out of work myself so I understand the focus, support and persistence it takes to find and keep a good job.

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Hiring a person with a disability can bring benefits for your business - Being prepared to hire a person who is Deaf or Hearing Impaired opens your business to a pool of talented workers, keen to grow with you.

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If you want to find satisfying employment of your choice and would like some assistance with finding a job, interpreting or any other aspect of your career development, let NOVA's team of trained job seeking specialists help you.
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