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Corporate & Social Responsibility

There’s a lot of talk around about corporate and social responsibility – included in this talk is the suggestion that business, particularly larger businesses, have some measure of social responsibility within their local communities to employ people who have a disability.

Bad news! – Most of the talk is nonsense. Big business didn’t get to be big by offering charity. Big business got big by making sensible decisions and employing people that made their organisations money. ‘Dollar out – dollar in’ is no good. Employers need a dollar out and two dollars in if they are to compete – that’s common sense.

Good news! – Working with NOVA Employment makes sound business sense. Our Consultants can show you how you can get employees that meet your needs and bring the dollars in.

Don’t fuss about corporate responsibility. Make money, and give us a go at helping.

A sound business decision

At NOVA Employment, our proven track record reflects the undeniable value that Deaf and Hard of Hearing workers bring to businesses across various industries, and we are confident that your esteemed organization can also benefit from this untapped potential. We believe that fostering a partnership between your business and our specialized initiative will yield mutually advantageous outcomes.

Our Workers are motivated and skilled.

With extensive experience in providing tailored job seeking assistance and post-placement support, our team is well-equipped to identify the ideal candidates who possess the skills, qualifications, and dedication to excel in your workplace. By tapping into the talent pool of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, your organization can access a diverse workforce, enriched by unique perspectives and an unwavering commitment to professionalism.

We understand the significance of building an inclusive and diverse workforce, and our aim is to help you create an environment that celebrates abilities rather than focusing on perceived limitations. Our approach is centered on recognizing that individuals with hearing impairments have the expertise and capabilities to perform tasks with excellence, ultimately contributing to your company’s success and growth.